It was in the olden times,

when brave King Karkus

ruled our land.

He had twins so very fine

Being such a blessed man

A boy so strong (as the king)

A girl so able (as to rule)

Rannapuura was her name

Once, still only a young lass

She fought the Wicked Witch

To save her very life

Brave maiden fought a day

A long and dreary night

But still to no avail

Finally Old Wizard

Saw the sordid fight

He rushed to aid the maiden

With secret words of flax

which Rannapuura uttered

And as the Wizard wished

Flax hit the Wicked Witch

Struck down the evil hag

Fallen on her knees

She cried for days

And cried for months

In deep remorse for sinful thoughts

But tears were of no use

Flax grew up anew

As home for fish

As a lake so great – Lake Peipus!